Today I peeled myself like a band-aid off my mattress when I awoke. The heat and humidity was so oppressive I hit the cold shower running.  Five minutes later I was so drenched in sweat that I jumped back in.  By days end who knows how many I will take?

Welcome to living in a bowl of soup.

In this muggy misfortune, you have to be careful when wearing shorts because your legs fuse to any smooth surface.  I shrieked as I lifted myself off the chair on which I was sitting for a mere few minutes.  The pain when you finally stand up from your seat, feels like your skin actually rips off.   Fun times.

It’s feels like I am in Miami not Massachusetts.  When I slid into the drivers seat of the car I was astonished to see that the outside temperature gauge on the dashboard read: “108 degrees.”  Yeah, I’m all set with this.   

The meteorologist said it’s supposed to rain today but other than a few scattered drops I’ve seen a lot of nothing.   Oh the tease of a cool front blowing in.  It’s New England after all, they say “if you don’t like the weather wait a minute it’ll probably change.”  Well “they” lied because I’ve been swimming in this Wonton soup all day.

I don’t particularly like rainy days.  Unless I’m able to hunker down indoors under a cozy comforter and sip on hot cocoa.   I never thought I’d find myself saying this but I wish it would rain…

Love you Neil.



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