Phantom Friend

F7E507D0-73D9-4BDC-A7D5-5C234EC042DA.jpegwhen the hustle and bustle of busy life fades away,  my mind quiets to a whisper then i drift……

in that stillness you find me

you remember the darkness that befell me during those sorrowful times

your words held my hand                   through the grief and despair  

comfort enveloped me, when you reassured me that i wasn’t alone with the pain inside 

i know you are hurting too, even as you keep it locked away 

i wanted to reach you then, I want to reach you now

as the hours pass and the clock ticks by, we talk about everything and nothing

i’ve never had a friend like you, vulnerable and open

our friendship, forged in pen and ink, illuminate our similarities

but we can’t be alike

we can’t be anything

because none of this really happened

i was only drifting just now

wishing… that you were right here                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


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